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THE GOOD SAMARITAN LAW! Legal protection for reasonable assistance.

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The DCT Foundation was created after our beautiful son, Dan, died at the age of 24 from an accidental drug overdose. While he suffered from the disease of addiction for the last 7 years of his precious short life, this didn’t define him. He was bright, caring, funny, and athletic and loved by many. The pain of losing our son was crippling. The memories of that devastating day on December 3rd, 2010, is somewhat clouded. But the shock, numbness, emptiness, tears and pain that filled our bodies is something that may never be completely forgotten. The final good-by from a parent to a child is an unnatural act, and one that may have been prevented if we had the resources,education, treatment, and prevention tools.

Overdose Prevention Program

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the foundation. Take the opportunity to donate in memory of someone who has passed away, or in support of someone close to your heart.The DCT Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3), whose only funding are private contributors, and fundraisers. 100% of donations go towards our Overdose Prevention/Response Program and aid into in-patient treatment. Your donation enables our take home Overdose Response kits to be offered free of charge to all participants attending our Overdose Response training. These kits include the opioid reversal drug, naloxone. These are life-saving kits, which would cost over $150. – and in many cases could be cost prohibitive. The cost of in-patient treatment varies from zero dollars to over $100,000 for less than 1 month, and everything in between. There are facilities that do not charge or are supported by local health departments. These are few and far, and normally there is quite a lengthy wait time to be evaluated and/or admitted. Your donation may quite possibly save a life.


In Memory Of....

In Memory Of...

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Patrick Neal, Kristine Mauldin, Joe Magnani, Pastore’s, Steve Zaleski, Tony Byrnes, Kelsey Greenwell, Bonnie Cole, Deb Kennedy, Sue Riddleberger Hainis, Susan Phillips, Jane Plapinger, Barbara Ford, Matthew Lewis, Lette Weinrich, Mark Tognocci,Flo Mullins, Karen Zimmerer, Sandie Rosenbach, Dee Donnelly, Dolly Della Noce Bekowitz, Bette Ann Tassone, Jennie Nikic, Dan Corteggiano, Kristine Mauldin, Karley Colter Graham